Joy by Motiva®

JOY by Motiva® is a ground-breaking programme that can provide women with the highest quality breast augmentation procedures available. The innovation behind the programme leads to increased levels of safety, flexibility and quality of results, and is perfect for those wanting to experience the very best surgery available. With JOY™ you even have the option to reverse your decision should you change your mind. With this procedure there is even the option for an extended warranty, we are that confident you are receiving the highest standard of results possible. As well as this, only JOY partners are registered to provide this service and we are incredibly proud to be one of these registered partners. One of the incredible features of JOY is the super silicones used. This new formula has been enhanced to improve look and feel with excellent mechanical properties in comparison to pre-existing implant options.

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In combination with JOY

  • Minimalscar

    Motiva MinimalScar®

    A minimal-incision breast augmentation that uses the smallest possible incisions with a more comfortable recovery for you. Always included with JOY when medically permissible.

  • Motiva Hybrid


    Combine your Motiva Implants® with purified fat grafts from other parts of your body you wish to slim. This is an option that can be discussed with your JOY plastic surgeon.

Next Generation Implant

Our Ergonomix2® implant is soft to the touch and easily adapts following your movements, for a natural feel. This new generation of implants brings you a difference in mobility that can actually be felt. The unique features of our Ergonomix® implant, taken to the next level: Ergonomix2® comes with improved properties thanks to our new technologies: Motiva SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+, and BluSeal+®.

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Feel the difference

  • JOY


    Ergonomix2®: Ultimate implant design with improved safety features.

  • JOY


    Enhanced ergonomy, extra soft feel, and natural movements.

  • JOY


    We are proud to be a JOY Partner.

  • JOY


    The most comprehensive warranty and reversibility support in case of implant removal.

  • JOY


    Tools for education, experiences, and inspiration to facilitate your journey.

Motiva JOY

Always Confident Warranty®

Motiva® Woman’s Choice Programme

We are also proud to provide the Motiva® Woman’s Choice Programme. This is an incredible service that puts the choice solely in the hands of the client. Often, women will view breast implants as a lifelong choice. However, this is no longer the case with this innovative new programme. When you choose to be involved with Woman’s Choice you are able to have the option of reversing your breast augmentation procedure. We are so confident in JOY implants because of the incredible features they possess. With some implants, you will find that you can be left with a hard end product that does not look natural, however with JOY this is not the case. Always Confident Warranty®, and Product Replacement Policy against capsular contracture, Baker grades III and IV for a period of 10 years, rather than 5 years. Motiva® Extended Warranty (only included automatically with JOY) 5Y Extended Warranty for Motiva Implants® with Qid®. This warranty covers the actual procedure cost in the rare event of a capsular contracture or rupture with up to £2,500.

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Joy Partners

We are proud to be a Joy Partner

We have been exclusively selected with our world-class surgeons that we have trained to ensure the JOY quality standards.

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Our Awards & Certifications

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