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Breast Implant Replacement in London

At N1 Plastic Surgery, we are leading providers of breast implant replacement in London. Our expert service has been designed so that we can provide our clients with replacements. Breast augmentation using implants has become one of the most common plastic surgeries available and as technology and understanding has developed, so has the quality of implants. People of all ages are eligible for breast implant replacement in London. Perhaps the most common reason for breast implant replacement in London is the formation of a capsule. A capsule is the scarring that will form around the initial implant. Capsules are not dangerous but can lead to discomfort around the breast should the scarring begin to harden. Some women may also want an implant replacement to get larger implants or they may want to reduce the gap between their breasts following their first initial surgery.

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Implant Replacement Surgery in London

Another major reason that people may require implant replacement surgery is the rupturing of old implants. When you receive breast implant replacement surgery through N1 you will receive incredible implants that include technology that make our implants more or less resistant to rupturing or bursting. A ruptured breast implant can lead to major issues and you should seek advice from an N1 plastic surgery immediately in order to receive breast implant replacement in London.

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The whole team at N1 plastic surgery were amazing! So friendly and accommodating and always checking in with me to make sure I was ok and happy with the procedure I was having done. Everything was broken down for me to make things easy and less stress as possible! If anyone asks me where I had my procedure done I recommend this company straight away! They changed my life and made me the confident woman I am today!


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