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At N1 Plastic Surgery we offer a 3D consultation for all our procedures, including breast, body and face surgeries. Our expert 3D consultation service will allow you to discuss your options with one of our surgeons and see how you will look following your procedure. This allows you to make your decision based on the results you will get. Visualising your results is very important for you and your surgeon to understand exactly what you are wanting to gain from the procedure and ensure that you will be happy with the results. You can find more details about the process below.

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3D Consultation

  • Step 1

    Scanning by a surgeon

    In order to generate a 3D image you can either choose to be scanned by one of our surgeons or scanned at home. When you scan yourself at home you will need to take three photos of yourself to be modified. These will then be discussed during your consultation
  • Step 2

    3D Visualisation

    In just a matter of moments your 3D image will be generated and you will then see the amendments to your body that you can make via plastic surgery.
  • Step 3

    Try it on for size

    At our clinic you will be able to utilise our incredible virtual mirror during your augmented reality consultation. This will allow you to see your new body in real time before going under the knife.
  • Step 4

    View your 3D scan

    Following your consultation your surgeon will provide you with access to view your 3D scan from home on your own devices. You will even be able to share your scans with your friends and family so they can see just how you’ll look following your procedure.

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    3D Consultation

    What To Expect Following Your 3D Consultation

    After your 3D consultation you will have the chance to view your scan at home on any mobile device. When you are happy with your results, get in touch with us and we will be able to book you in for your procedure. Your 3D consultation will provide you with an in depth look at how your results can change your life and we would love to make this look a reality.

    Book your free 3d virtual consultation

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