FAQ about surgery

It’s very normal to have questions before the procedure takes place. Feel free to look though some of the most common questions.

This varies from person to person. For some, it is not painful, and for some, it might be more uncomfortable. This depends on the size and placement of the implant, as well as your skin complexion and general health. Usually, it is somewhat more painful to get breast implants under the pectoral muscle.

This depends on your wishes and your physical appearance. If you have very limited with fat and breast tissue, placing the breast implants under the pectoral muscle is recommended. For some, it could be a choice of preference, but this is something your surgeon will discuss with you during the consultation. The placement of the breast implants will be determined before the surgery.

This depends on which procedure you had done. However, you should wait around 4-6 weeks to before you start to work out again after most of the procedures. Your surgeon will be able to provide further information about this during your consultation.

If you have small children it would be a benefit to having someone helping out for the first days/week. After a breast augmentation, you should restrict the use of your hands and not lift heavy for about 4-6 weeks. However, this will again depend on which procedure you are having and should be discussed with your surgeon.

This depends on your job and which procedure you are getting. After a breast augmentation, you can usually return to an office job after 3-7 days, but some surgeries might require a longer leave of absence. Your surgeon will inform you further during the consultation.

With most procedures, you should wait about 4 weeks before going to beach vacations.

This also depends on which surgery you get. For most surgeries, you should wait around 3 weeks before having sex, and be careful when you have sex until fully recovered. However, your surgeon will inform you more precisely during your consultation.

At N1 Plastic Surgery we offer the 3D simulation from Crisalix. You can see the result simulation from most surgeries with this program.

In order to achieve the best results after your surgery, we recommend taping your scars for about 3 months. This will prevent thicker and harder scars as a result of stretching.

When the fat is removed during the liposuction it can not return. However, as we do not remove 100% of your fat, it is not impossible to gain weight.

You can not get allergic reactions from silicone.

Today’s breast implants usually have a lifelong warranty. The implant we use at N1 Plastic Surgery is the Motiva implants, which has their own warranty. However, it might be relevant to change your implants after 15-20 years due to breast capsule.

This depends on which procedure you wish to get and your individual needs. You can have a look at the guided pricelist, but your exact price will be communicated to you during your consultation.

Plastic surgery is performed on a worldwide basis and the quality of surgeons and clinics varies a lot. There have been numerous advances within the technologies and techniques used in plastic surgery which reduces the risks associated with plastic surgery. However, there is always a small risk with any cosmetic or non-cosmetic surgery.

As the procedures require an incision there will be a scar. Nonetheless, we utilize various techniques such as the Motiva minimal scarring in order to reduce the size and visibility of the scar. If you follow our recommendations after surgery, your scars will also heal better.

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