Penile Enlargement

Many men are dissatisfied with their size. There are many pills and creams that make wild claims, but the reality of male enhancement is that nearly all tested pills and creams are ineffective, or if there is some small temporary effect, and the effect doesn’t last.

Historically, men have considered a larger penis to be a symbol of greater masculinity. Worship of the phallus as a symbol of creative energy has been central to virtually every world culture and strong traditions of phallic art exist throughout India, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. Previously, despite the lack of acceptance by society, many men chose to undergo surgical penile augmentation (phalloplasty).

Today, man is not only capable of understanding his own nature and anatomy but also of altering it. A man can modify the size and shape of his penis using procedures introduced by cosmetic plastic surgery. In general, tissue augmentation is a procedure that has been accepted and used for centuries all over the world by different cultures; however, in the past, medical professionals including psychologists and urologists have claimed that penis enlargement surgery is useless and even impossible.

During the last three decades this perception has changed. It is leading to more and more men taking advantage of surgical advancements to have the penis enlargement procedures that are now proved safe and effective. Nowadays, most augmentation procedures are considered cosmetic surgery.

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