Some people might feel like their ears are wrongly proportioned according to their head shape. They might feel like the ears are ‘sticking out’ and of this reason feel insecure. A Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure in which the ears are reshaped to a more ‘normal’ structure. This includes the size, shape or placement of the ears.

Back to work:

Very soon after procedure

Procedure time:

2-3 hours

3D consultation:



How long time does an Otoplasty take?

The surgery itself normally takes around 1-2 hours and is conducted under general anesthetic. The incisions are usually very discreet and it will be difficult to tell that there has been done any surgery in most cases.

Want to see your new you before the procedure?

With Crisalix 3D imaging technology you can see
how you would look before procedure in 3D


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Book consultation before procedure

If you are considering to have an Otoplasty, it is crucial and important that you schedule a consultation first. Here you will get the chance to explain your wishes and our surgeons will then guide and inform you of the various possibilities. Everybody is unique and needs a tailored consultation and procedure. Your surgeon will explain the benefits and downsides with the various options, and together, you will decide the next steps. We charge a 150 pound fee for our non-obligated consultation. The amount will be deducted from your surgery.