Breast augmentation with implants

Breast enlargement (also known as breast augmentation, mammoplasty or boob job) is a surgical procedure in which the shape and size are altered. The procedure is one of the most common in the world and has over time been improved again and again.


Innovative Motiva Implants

The usual lifetime of breast implants was around 10-15 years. At N1 Plastic Surgery, we use the innovative Motiva implants. Motiva Ergonomix implants also allow the Motiva Minimal Scarring incision which is between 2cm and 5cm depending on the size of the implant, with an average of 3 cm.  

Back to work:

Usually after 1 week

Procedure time:

1 hour

3D consultation:


breast augmentation with implants

How is the procedure performed?

The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia and takes just under one hour. The implants are placed either under or above pectoral muscle, depending on your skin tissue and wishes. This is determined during your consultation

After the surgery, you will stay in the N1 Plastic Surgery recovery department for two to four hours. Here our team will take care of you, give you some food, and help you get dressed.

Sports BRA the first few weeks

After your surgery, you will receive a sports bra fitted specifically for you. The bra is to be worn day and night for about 6 weeks. This is crucial in order to achieve the best result.

Tension and tenderness

The first time after the surgery, you may experience a sensation of swelling, tension, and tenderness. This is temporary and will reduce gradually over the first few weeks after surgery.

After the surgery

One week after your surgery you will come back for the first post-surgery control. 14 days after your surgery, you will again return to the clinic and we will check the progress of the surgery. We use medical glue, so you don’t have stitches to remove!

Please take some time and look into our Hybrid breast augmentation for more information.

Want to see your new you before the procedure?

With Crisalix 3D imaging technology you can see
how you would look before procedure in 3D


Book a 3d consultation

breast augmentation 3d

Book a consultation

If you are considering to have a breast enlargement with implants, it is crucial and important that you schedule a consultation first. Here you will get the chance to explain your wishes and our surgeons will then guide and inform you of the various possibilities. Everybody is unique and needs a tailored consultation and procedure. Your surgeon will explain the benefits and downsides with the various options, and together, you will decide the next steps. We charge a 150 pound fee for our non-obligated consultation. The amount will be deducted from your surgery.