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5y warranty with Motiva Joy aftercare program and 5y care program for capsular contracture and rupture

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One of our Patient Advisors will collect information from you and based on that find a perfect match cosmetic surgeon that fulfils your needs and desires. They will also answer any questions or concerns for you.

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You will have a virtual 3D consultation with your perfect match surgeon they will listen to your wishes and expectations. Based on this recommend a surgery to achieve the best result for you.
After the consultation, you will also receive answers to all your questions as well as information about costs.

See your results before and after

1. Get scanned by surgeon or start from home

To generate the 3D you can either be scanned during consultation or you can start at home by uploading 3 photos of yourself then modify and discuss the 3D with the doctor during consultation.

2. Visualize 3D

In a matter of seconds your 3D will be generated and you will be able to make the amendments to your body that you desire.

3. Try on your new body

Our clinics offer you Augmented Reality consultation where you will be able to see your new breasts in real-time from head to toe through a virtual mirror.

4. Access 3D remotely

At the end of the consultation, the surgeon will give you access so that you can view your 3D from home on your own device and even share them with friends and family to gain more advice and opinions.

Top Rated Reviews

This was my second procedure with N1, I am thrilled with the results so far. As always they made me feel so comfortable and looked after. I’m 3 weeks post op and feeling amazing. N1 is truly amazing and you couldn’t be in safer hands.
Iris Green
Iris Green
My experience with N1 has been extremely good. Sabreena really looked after me, I felt so supported, I knew what I had to do at every stage, the support included telephone calls, texts, emails and zoom calls. I had a zoom virtual consultation and a 3D of what my breasts were going to look like, and they actually look like that! I'm very happy with my new breasts, Highly recommend.
Felt super taken care off, thank you!!
Cherida Elizabeth
Cherida Elizabeth
I went for a BA in 2020 with n1. Other than implants I had to do a lift which I was initially not planning to do. I paid 3000 more for the procedure and the doctor added some fat to give me better cleavage. It has been almost a year since the procedure and I couldn't be happier. Ideally the breasts would be a bit higher up but the doctor explained that with my tissue they would drop and I am happy it didn't come as a surpise.
Very profesional and caring from the moment you get intouch with them until you are completely recovered. Always willing to answer your questions and to explain every singel detail. Top installations and equipment. Thank you for making me feel better with my self!
Cesar Eslava
Cesar Eslava
I had been thinking about getting a penis enlargement for a long time, but was scared to take the next step. After doing tens of hours of research, I found four surgeons that seemed to be leading the charge, Dr. Sforza is one of these globally recognized experts. Although I live in Chicago, I didn't mind traveling to London for this procedure given the complexity and importance to get it done right the first time around. During my first Zoom consultation with Dr. Sforza he immediately made me feel comfortable. He was funny, kind, and knowledgeable. I left our virtual consultation thinking we had known each other for a long time, I felt I could trust him. Needless to say, my other three consultations were not the same! I was anxious to fly to London during COVID, but with the help of the N1 family, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The accommodations at the Harley St. surgery center were superb and recovery was in line with what Dr. Sforza said it would be. I'm writing this review a little over 2 months after I had my procedure and couldn't be happier. Not only is my penis longer and thicker than it was before, it also gets much harder; I'm not sure what else he did down there, but I feel like a stallion! This procedure changed my life and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!
Devin F
Devin F
I usually dont write about my experiences, but this time I just felt the need to tell everybody how happy and satisfied I am with my liposuction. I'm so happy to regain my confidence. And I really want to tell everyone that I was very well taken care of and I can highly recommend this clinic
Karl Anderson
Karl Anderson
I just had a consultation and have booked surgery for March. Their customer service was excellent and the doctor was very professional. I look forward to a continuous great experience and results.
Marcos Sforza is a magician! He removed 20 year old implants and gave me an internal uplift and. My breasts look full and natural. I could not be happier with the result. I was able to ask as many questions and quickly received the answers via Zoom meetings or Sabreena his amazingly friendly and helpful PA. I felt comfortable and confident during the whole process and highly recommend Marcos as a surgeon.
I underwent Hybrid surgery at Marcos Sforza's recommendation, having not known about the possibility of combining implant and fat from my legs I can say I'm so happy I took the chance after being told I was suitable for an uplift only at other consultations, I really did not want the scars at this point in my life being so young. The process was smooth from start to finish and I am now discharged with full natural breasts. Best decision I ever made and could not recommend the N1 team enough, Marcos was professional yet friendly and I felt comfortable under his care from day 1.
Jen P
Jen P

A Wide Range of Breast Procedures

Breast procedures are the most common cosmetic surgery performed today. Investing in your new breast can possibly be the investment of your life. We’re offering a broad range of breast procedures for you.


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This varies from person to person. For some, it is not painful, and for some, it might be more uncomfortable. This depends on the size and placement of the implant, as well as your skin complexion and general health. Usually, it is somewhat more painful to get breast implants under the pectoral muscle.

This depends on your wishes and your physical appearance. If you have very limited with fat and breast tissue, placing the breast implants under the pectoral muscle is recommended. For some, it could be a choice of preference, but this is something your surgeon will discuss with you during the consultation. The placement of the breast implants will be determined before the surgery.

This depends on which procedure you had done. However, you should wait around 4-6 weeks to before you start to work out again after most of the procedures. Your surgeon will be able to provide further information about this during your consultation.

If you have small children it would be a benefit to having someone helping out for the first days/week. After a breast augmentation, you should restrict the use of your hands and not lift heavy for about 4-6 weeks. However, this will again depend on which procedure you are having and should be discussed with your surgeon.

This depends on your job and which procedure you are getting. After a breast augmentation, you can usually return to an office job after 3-7 days, but some surgeries might require a longer leave of absence. Your surgeon will inform you further during the consultation.

With most procedures, you should wait about 4 weeks before going to beach vacations.

This also depends on which surgery you get. For most surgeries, you should wait around 3 weeks before having sex, and be careful when you have sex until fully recovered. However, your surgeon will inform you more precisely during your consultation.

At N1 Plastic Surgery we offer the 3D simulation from Crisalix. You can see the result simulation from most surgeries with this program.

In order to achieve the best results after your surgery, we recommend taping your scars for about 3 months. This will prevent thicker and harder scars as a result of stretching.

When the fat is removed during the liposuction it can not return. However, as we do not remove 100% of your fat, it is not impossible to gain weight.

You can not get allergic reactions from silicone.

Today’s breast implants usually have a lifelong warranty. The implant we use at N1 Plastic Surgery is the Motiva implants, which has their own warranty. However, it might be relevant to change your implants after 15-20 years due to breast capsule.

This depends on which procedure you wish to get and your individual needs. You can have a look at the guided pricelist, but your exact price will be communicated to you during your consultation.

Plastic surgery is performed on a worldwide basis and the quality of surgeons and clinics varies a lot. There have been numerous advances within the technologies and techniques used in plastic surgery which reduces the risks associated with plastic surgery. However, there is always a small risk with any cosmetic or non-cosmetic surgery.

As the procedures require an incision there will be a scar. Nonetheless, we utilize various techniques such as the Motiva minimal scarring in order to reduce the size and visibility of the scar. If you follow our recommendations after surgery, your scars will also heal better.