8 steps to choosing the perfect fit Breast implants for you

Almost everybody who comes for consultation is concerned about size. It would be best to consult whether you are reducing the size or increasing your implants’ size.  How big do you want to go? It would be best to consider important factors before selecting an implant, and these factors include weight, occupation, and skin around the breast. Surgeons have their ways of selecting implants. Surgeons know the best to enhance the breast, give natural-looking boobs, and at the same time minimize risk. Although, he must listen to the patients and understand the patient’s desires. If the patient’s wishes are feasible or not, the surgeon must be honest with the patient. 3D visualization aids in the consultation process.

During the consultation and as the planning process progresses, you may realize that your desired outcome changes. By following these steps alongside consultation with qualified surgeons, you all make the right decision.

1. Size and volume of the implants

You’ll probably change your mind a few times before you conclude on the size you want. Firstly, know that breast implant sizes are not the same as bra cup sizes. Breast implants are measured in volume in cubic centimeters (CCs). Learn to speak in volumes, for instance, 340 Ccs or 400Ccs. While surfing the net, you’ll have come across words like 200Ccs or more. The more CCs an implant has, the larger it is and more prominent is its projection. The diameter of an implant also determines the result in projection. The wider the diameter, the more projected the breast looks.

2. Shape of the implants.

What makes each special is that people come with different uniqueness. The human breast isn’t left out too. Each woman’s taste in the shape of the breast is different, which is why breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. Breast implants can be Teardrop or Round shaped. The round-shaped implants have a symmetrical look, and it gives the breast the same level of roundness and fullness. Teardrop shape, as the name implies, is shaped like a teardrop. It has more volume in the lower half. The lower part of the breast below the nipple is fuller than other parts. Teardrop-shaped implants the breast a more natural look, while the round-shaped implants have more outward projection with a fuller look on top. Most women prefer round-shaped implants because of their dramatic fullness.

3. Natural Anatomy.

Your anatomy is vital in implant selection. Your weight, size, height, shoulder width, hip, and shape are important factors to be considered. The looseness and elasticity of your skin are really important. There must be enough tissue to cover the implant you desire without rippling. Body shape also plays an important role, and you don’t want big boobs and a flat butt. An implant that will be incredibly big on slender patients might be unnoticeable on larger patients. Women with smaller frames may suffer severe back pain with large implants. Simultaneously, ladies with a hard look or built body can carry the weight of heavy breast implants.

4. Age

Naturally, women or men aged 18/22 and above are preferred candidates for breast augmentation. Research reveals that the breast may still be developing till age 22. Women in the childbearing stage shouldn’t consider breast augmentation because breast grows and shrink during and after pregnancy. It is considered wise to wait to get breast implants until after you have stopped childbearing. It prevents additional surgery from getting one’s desired look. Long-term results should be considered; choose a size and shape that will retain its firmness, natural look, and durability. The breast sags as you age; it naturally becomes drooping and flatter because the ligaments supporting the breast lose elasticity. Voluminous or heavy implants can put the breast at risk of extra sagging.

5. Fitness and Closet

Women opt for breast implants to enhance their look and not lose themselves while getting a body lift. As a runner, sportsperson, or athlete, avoid implants so large they interfere with your fitness routine. For fitness freaks, large implants could hinder you from strenuous exercises and sporting activities. Avoiding unnecessary attention to smaller-sized implants can help prevent button gaps in professional tops and blazers. If your goal is to fit into the low-cut dresses you admire, a larger implant is better.

6. Surgeons and implant manufacturers

Get an implant with a qualified and experienced surgeon. A consultation is essential and could reveal a lot about the surgeon and your desired procedure. Different clinics and surgeons make use of different brands of implants. If it’s a source of concern, you can discuss it with your surgeon during consultation. The most popular breast implant brands in the UK are Motiva, Allergan, Mentor, Eurosilimed, and Nagor. They are popularly used in clinics and have good customer reviews. These manufacturers have different pros and cons, but they have safety records and are amongst the best implants available today in the United Kingdom. For instance, N1 plastic surgery uses Motiva implants, and the reviews from customers are fantastic.

7.  Breast implants can’t last a lifetime

Breast implants are designed to be permanent but can do at any point. As it age, it becomes more vulnerable to rupture or rippling. Women upgrade their breast implants in the future; this is best for reducing the risk of complications and maintaining an optimal appearance. Women with silicone gel implants should get  MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) regularly. It could be done after 3 years of a properly done procedure and every 2 years afterward. You do not need an MRI scan with saline implants because the body absolves and expels it naturally.

8. Breast Implant removal and replacement

Yes, breast implants can be removed. You can have your implants taken out and not replaced. The implants size can be reduced or increased.

Suppose you’ve gone through these options and have derived a decision concerning your choice of implant. Have fun and enjoy your new look.

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