6 Important Decisions To Make, If You Are Preparing For Breast Augmentation

Thoughts on breast augmentation can make one nervous, excited, or scared. Fear not; it is normal. Breast augmentation procedure is the most widely performed cosmetic surgery in the world. There have been many advancements and changes in this active area of medicine. Some several considerations and decisions must be made before proceeding with breast augmentation; technical and medical decisions. You must decide with your surgeon.

1.     The first step to take is getting a surgeon or clinic where the procedure will be carried out.

The surgeon must be board-certified personnel, check out organizations and institutions responsible for regulating medical and cosmetic surgery in your home nation. The surgeon or clinic should be certified and not be in any probe. You can check individual surgeon website for reviews from patients, be sure you take a good look at their before and after pictures. The pictures should not be doctored or plagiarised. Book a consultation with the surgeon/clinic, and this is an alternative means to finding out about the surgeon. It would help if you looked out for the environment, and you can ask the questions you desire answers to.

2.     Implant size

This is one crucial question, to ask oneself, how significant do I want to go. Do you want a fuller breast to create a more feminine look, or you want a voluminous cleavage? Do not forget you cannot go extremely large at once, especially with little breast tissue. You can increase the implant size over the years when your body has adjusted and had time to heal. The body anatomy is essential when considering implant size, and you do not want an enormous boob with a flat ass. Implant sizes are measured in Cubic Centimetres, otherwise known as ccs, not in cup or bra sizes. Cup and bras size significantly amongst manufacturers, and it should not be used to measure breast implants. Each 130 to 150ccs will increase the breast’s size by roughly one cup bra size for reference purposes. You can go for either a round-shaped breast implant or a teardrop-shaped breast implant.

3.     Type of implant

There are two types of breast implants available, saline-filled implants and silicone-filled implants. All implants are made of silicone rubber, but different fillings are placed. Breast implants can be Teardrop or Round in shape. The round-shaped implants are round like the name implies and have a symmetrical look. It gives the breast the same level of roundness and fullness. The teardrop shape is shaped like a teardrop. It is more voluminous in the lower half making the lower part of the breast below the nipple fuller. Teardrop-shaped implants the breast a more natural look, while the round-shaped implants have resulted in better projection with a fuller look. Most women prefer round-shaped implants because of their dramatic fullness.

There are also gummy bear implants, which is a cohesive gel implant known for their durability. You can also have a breast lift instead of an implant. Breast lift is performed in two ways, removing excess skin and giving the breast an upward lift or fat grafting. Fat grafting is a procedure in which fat tissues are harvested from an area in the body with an abundance of fatty tissues, and it is then inserted into the breast.

You can decide to have a hybrid breast augmentation, a procedure where fat transfer and implants and used. It is considered majorly when the breast lacks sufficient fatty tissues. The implants can also be placed in the breast after the excess skin is removed.

4.     Implants over or under the breast.

You will have to decide if the implant will be under or over your chest muscle.  The chest muscle serves as an additional soft tissue coverage, and it helps shape the upper portion of the breasts. Implants placed under the muscle create a more natural slope. With women with little breast tissue, you want to place the implant under the chest muscle covered and look as natural as possible. Saline-filled implants are more rigid than silicone-filled implants to achieve the natural slope, and more pressure must be placed on them. Surgeons use saline-filled implants under the muscle. For women with enough breast tissue, over the muscle should be the better option.

5.     Incision

Your surgeon might discuss this with you, but he knows best and will make the right decisions. An incision is made in invisible sights to reduce the scar visibility. The most common site used is the crease beneath the breast. This site hides the scar better and helps the breast to heal well. Other incisions are the armpit, the areolar around the nipple, or the armpit are other incision sites that may be an option.

6.     Longterm risks and complications

Long-term complications should be considered when opting for breast augmentation. To reduce complications, a qualified and experienced surgeon should be consulted for a properly done procedure. A correctly done procedure poses a lesser risk of complications. Most women experience capsular contracture. This is the hardening of the breast area caused by scar tissues created around the body’s implant. Other complications can occur, such as rippling and rupturing, implant changing shape, or infection.

It would be best if you were fit pre-surgery. There is no need for any aggressive or new fitness routine; keep your body fit, which is good for overall physical health total well-being. Avoid strenuous activities that could cause injury to the body. Your surgeon will tell you important dos and don’t before the surgery. One major don’t is avoiding drugs or herbs that could cause excessive bleeding.

Breast surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not included in medical insurance. Insurance takes responsibility only when it was performed for reconstruction purposes. It is important to note that breast implants aren’t permanent; they should be removed after 7-10 years after the initial procedure. After the first 3 years of implants, you can go for MRI every 2 years.

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