5 Signs Of Botched Boobs And Steps To Be Taken After Discovery

Today, many women are looking for effective and safer ways to improve their breasts’ size and shape. The procedure used to enhance the breast shape and size is known as breast augmentation. Changes that came about due to ageing, pregnancy, weight loss, pregnancy are also reasons for breast augmentation. Many cosmetic procedures can address your cosmetic needs, such as breast implants, breast lift, and fat transfer.

In breast augmentation through implants, a prosthesis is placed in the breast to give it the desired shape and projection. These implants are made of silicone shells that are either filled with saline or regular silicone. Patients can decide to reduce the size of the implants in their breasts. Breast lift is done by removing excess skin in the breast and then lifted upward. Fat transfer is a procedure where fat is harvested from a donor site with abundant fatty tissues and then injected into the breast.

Breast augmentation surgery can be done to reduce the breast’s size, increase the breast’s shape and size, and lift the breast’s skin to reduce sagginess.

When there is botched breast surgery, most will conclude that the patient went to an unskilled and inexperienced surgeon. This could be true, but it is not the only reason for a botched surgery. Even when a procedure is in the hands of a highly trained, qualified, and experienced surgeon, it is not a guarantee that everything will go smoothly and according to plan. The idea of revision surgery is less desired and feared by many, and it could be rewarding and give a satisfying and better result.

Here are various signs that could point out botched surgery.


1. Capsular contracture.

If you feel that your breast is unusually firm, hard, and not soft like a natural breast, your breast implant procedure may have been botched. Another surgery may be necessary to extract the implants and replace them. This is due to scar tissue formed tightly and contracts around the implant, and this happened because the body sees the implant as a foreign object in the body. The scar tissues are to prevent its movement and growth in the body. It can cause both pain and changes in the breast appearance. The only option to correct this is surgery.

2. Problem with implant positioning.

Another sign of botched boobs is the malpositioning of implants. It could have happened right after the surgery; while the body is healing and trying to adjust to the foreign object (implant), it can change its position or come over the breast’s thin tissue and skin. This can make the breast appear unnatural, and one can see the boobs poking out in some cases.  One boob can also be slightly bigger or higher than the other or the implant shifting towards the armpit, and this could be a result of the big pocket created or a poorly one procedure.

3. Breast implant leaks and ruptures

Ruptured or leaking breast implants can also signify botched surgeries. Both Saline and silicone breast implants can potentially rupture or leak. Errors from the surgeon’s path can trigger leaks and  Ruptures. Leakage in saline-filled implants can be noticed through the breast’s shape changes over several day spans. Silicone-filled implants are less likely to leak, and it is more difficult to detect. Breast lumps may occur in women with silicone-filled breast implant rupture, and they may also experience swelling, pains, and soreness of the breast with the ruptured implants.

4. Irregularities in breast size and wrinkling

If your breast doesn’t appear nearly the same after the breast enlargement procedure, it’s an indication of a botched surgery. It could be that the left breast is significantly higher or firmer than the right; let your surgeon know as soon as possible. You will probably undergo a corrective procedure. Botched surgery could lead to wrinkled breast skin. Wrinkled breast skin is a sign that something is wrong with the implants or that it’s rippling—lookout for irregularities between the breast size and shape immediately after the surgery for early detection.

5.  A big botched boob job sign is symmastia.

This is a situation where the implants are placed too close to each other. The result is the breast meeting in the middle. The breast will also have the appearance of two different mounds instead of one. When the breast droops, it could be a sign of botched boobs.  The nipple could be huge or have other shapes in both breasts. If the surgeon uses an entirely different implant from the initially agreed one, you should suspect a botched procedure. Pregnancy can affect the shape of the breast, making it droop. That is why it is advisable to finish childbearing before opting for breast augmentation with implants.

Distress may set in if you realize that you’ve had a botched surgery case. You need to know these don’t render you helpless, and you have a lot to do quickly to avoid further complications. The sooner you notice signs of a botched breast enhancement procedure, the better. You can inform the surgeon or clinic of the initial procedure. However, if you no longer trust them, you can visit any qualified and experienced surgeon or clinic for revision surgery.

No breast revision case will be the same, and each procedure is tailored to individual patients’ needs. To repairing capsular contracture, the surgeon usually removes the restricting scar tissue then changes out the implant. The implants can be readjusted and repositioning to improve implant shifting and malposition by adding tissue to support and reconstruct the breast.  If changes occurred due to pregnancy, a breast lift to eliminate excess skin might fix the problem.  In cases of rupture, leakages, and rippling, the implants will have to be removed and replaced.

To avoid botched boobs, be sure to get the initial procedure done by a qualified surgeon. Ask for his past work so you can be sure you’re in the wrong hands. A more skilled and experienced surgeon will more likely do a great job with fewer botched risks.

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