Uneven Breasts

What is the Best Uneven Breast Size Solution?

If your uneven breasts are more than a cup size in difference, then uneven breast surgery may be your best option.

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Uneven Breasts

Most women have uneven breasts, but in some the difference is more obvious. Even though uneven breasts, or breast asymmetry, is common, seriously uneven breasts can affect a woman’s confidence. In fact, uneven breasts affect more than half of all women and studies have shown that up to 90% of women may have a visible difference between their two breasts.

Breast asymmetry surgery can adjust not only the volume but also the shape and dimension of the uneven breasts.

Some of the reasons why a woman’s breasts can change in size or volume, causing breast asymmetry, include: puberty, pregnancy or breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, trauma, aging and congenital or developmental conditions.

Although most women will experience a normal amount of uneven breasts, if you notice a sudden change in the shape, density or size of one breast, then contact your doctor immediately.

Make an informed decision to have uneven breasts surgery

Surgery is a personal decision, however, we are here to provide you with the information you need with what’s involved and what results can be achieved for realistic expectations.

To be able to have breast asymmetry surgery, you’ll need fully developed breasts or be over 18. In the initial informal appointment we will talk to you about the breast asymmetry options available and examine your individual issues. We’ll talk you through what’s involved and give you the opportunity to ask questions so that you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead.

What are some uneven breast size solutions?

Uneven breast surgery is a permanent solution to the problem of uneven breasts and involves the reduction or enlargement of either one or more breasts to create a more even balance.

Each breast may require different procedures and implant sizes, but one of our highly-skilled surgeons will be able to recommend the best treatment plan for each individual case.

To create an even chest contour our expert surgeons may:

Reduce the size of your larger breast or increase the size of your smaller breast
Correct the size, shape and position to create symmetry
Uplift (mastopexy) one or both of the breasts to correct a nipple position
Reposition the nipple or reduce the size of the areola to achieve even breasts
Combination of the above

N1 Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

A standard breast augmentation may be something to consider, if you are looking for an uneven breast size solution. Different sizes can be used in each breast to correct the asymmetry and obtain a natural look.

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Breast Reduction

Your surgeon will remove tissue in the larger of your two breasts by excision or liposuction to create a contour closer in size and shape to the smaller breast.

Breast Lift

A breast lift may be the best option for excess sagging on one side may be a simple breast lift, or mastopexy.

A combination of procedures

For a lot of women, a combination of reduction and lift, performed at the same time are needed for the best results.

If you have some more questions about uneven breast size solutions, arrange your consultation today with one of our expert surgeons at N1 Plastic Surgery.

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